Many years of experience in horse training using Natural Horsemanship methods and countless hours of learning have enabled us to develop our own horse training system. During trainings, we provide students with everything that we think is most important at a given stage of developing a horse-human relationship. The most important for us is the effect of improving communication between the horse and man. We learn and have fun during trainings so that the time spent under our care was the most fruitful. To achieve the best effect, we decided to split a series of trainings so that each was focused on a specific topic. Experience in the form of over 100 horses trained, of which a significant part were difficult horses, allows us to work through the biggest problems that our students have with horses during training. During trainings we work on building trust, respect and obedience, thanks to which both the horse and the human feel safer – man because he controls the horse, the horse because he feels that he has with him a trustworthy leader who will protect him from all kinds of danger. We help students understand horses and horses understand people, in a word we work to improve communication.

Training programs

Basic level


Program aimed at establishing a hierarchy between you and your horse. We teach horses and their trainers how to care for the right relationship from scratch. We start with leading a horse, behaving in a stable, then following the principle of „you rule when you control your horse’s legs”, we learn the basic elements such as: giving up with the butt, giving way to the front, backing up. After mastering these parts, we work on learning to be effective lunging, strengthening the horse’s respect for his trainer, while increasing his concentration and alertness to human behavior. During the training we show how the exercise should be done, then we help each student to do it best. Training provided for 3 days.

Basic level


The program was created for people who have already organized a hierarchy between themselves and their horse. In this series, we mainly learn through play. We will tame our horses, at the same time strengthening our relationship and trust in such things as: foils, carrier bags, umbrellas. In addition, we will learn how to behave properly during care treatments such as washing a horse, spraying sprays, cleaning hoofs, etc. After mastering these parts of training, we will go to learn how to introduce a horse to a trailer. 3 day training

Basic level

Lessons from the saddle

We begin the program by working with our mounts the most important issue in terms of riding – bends both from the ground and from the saddle. When we have it behind us, we teach how to make the horse not even move when getting on. Then we proceed to work on detentions. When we master all the elements, we deal with the following issues: keeping the pace and the given task (e.g. wheels) by the horse, learning how to give way from the saddle. The culmination of the training is a series of obstacles that we overcome together (testing the horse’s confidence in the rider) and learning how to deal with situations when the horse refuses to overcome the obstacle. 3 day training


Program for people who participated in the basic series. This is where we start working one level higher. We start by learning how to effectively lunge on a long line. The next exercises that we will be doing are: learning lateral walks from the ground, enhanced control when lunging the horse – eight, reversing from a few meters, 4 different reversing techniques. 3-day training


Preparation for work in the wild – Following a horse in the wild, backing up, stepping down with the butt and front without the use of a rope and a stick. Sending the horse around without using a rope. 5-day training.

Courses offer


(Friday - Sunday)

The training takes place anywhere in Poland. The cost of training is 750 PLN / person with a horse, 200 PLN / person / listener, for groups of at least seven people with horses (about 19 hours of work). In addition, access depending on the distance is divided into all participants.


(Friday - Sunday)

Possibility to come with your horse or work with ranch horses. For groups of over six people, any free date can be selected. Cost: 1100 PLN, the price includes: accommodation in new comfortable houses, 6 meals, the possibility of using the sauna, about 19 hours of study.


If at least 3 people from a given stable decide to take advantage of individual consultations. Consultations take place anywhere in Silesia. Price: PLN 220 / hour plus travel costs shared between participants.

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