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Trening koni

Horse training

Horse training, arranging difficult and untamed horses, riding young horses using the Natural Horsemanship method, western, classic and sled training ...

Szkolenia - Kliniki


A training program prepared by Rosochacz Ranch, during which we provide students with everything that we think is most important at a given stage in the development of horse-human relations ...

Rajdy konne

Horse riding tours

Tours, tourism and horse trips on the Trans-Jurassic Horse Trail and more ... in western saddles in care the Guides of Mountain Equestrian Tourism ..

Pensjonat dla koni

Pension for horses

Pension for horses located on the Jurassic horse trail connecting the municipalities of Koziegłowy, Poraj and Żarki in the Śląskie Voivodeship ...

Nauka jazdy konnej

Horse riding lessons

Our many years of experience have enabled us to build our own horse riding teaching model. We rely on balancing lessons on the mane with field trips so that learning is as pleasant as possible for our students ...

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