Pension for horses

One of the main advantages of our stable is the location on the inter-municipal horse trail connecting the municipalities of Koziegłowy, Poraj and Żarki with a total length of 120km.

Seven parking spaces with infrastructure adapted to receive horse tourists and a track for the TREC PTTK competition were placed on the trail. In addition, this trail connects with the Trans-Jurassic Horse Trail, which gives virtually unlimited possibilities of traveling in the saddle.

Residents using the services of Ranches may use the TREC competition track in our area. The track consists of 6 permanent obstacles and a dozen or so moving obstacles set up in the riding school. Everyone who decides to prepare for the TREC discipline can do it at the Ranch under the supervision of specialized staff (Polish Champion and Polish Vice-Champion in this discipline).

Among the additional numerous amenities offered by the Ranch you will find, among others: 6 hectares of picturesquely situated pastures, an illuminated arena with a specially prepared ground (dimensions 60 × 30), a lunge pen (round pen) surrounded by boards so that nothing distracts the horse during training, a washer horses, a saddle and a toilet with a shower.

Large and spacious (12 m2) boxes for horses are kept in a western style. Horses spend most of the day on pasture or small outdoor paddocks.

Horses have 24-hour access to hay or grass. The stable is equipped with smoke detectors and monitoring 24 hours a day.

Pension for horses

1080 - 1600 zł / miesiąc

Depending on the horse feeding needs - prices are set individually

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